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Video XML Sitemap

Go to SEO, XML / HTML Sitemap.

Check Enable XML Video Sitemaps and Save changes.

You can view your xml Video sitemap by clicking on the button View your sitemap from XML sitemap page, then click on the last link

Or, by typing, in your browser.

If you see a 404 page, flush your permalinks.

Now, you have to add videos to your sitemap.

To do that, edit a post, page or post type.

In SEO metabox, Video sitemap tab, click on the first Video accordion.

Fill in all the fields to describe your video for Google.

Video URL, Video title, Video description and Video thumbnail are required.

Your video will NOT be added to your sitemap if:

  • Exclude this post from Video Sitemap? is checked
  • the post is set to noindex in Advanced tab
  • the Video URL field is empty

You can unlimited number of videos per post, BUT, don’t cheat with Google, it will know it!